Are you ready to make a positive change in your life to look and feel better about yourself? Are you sick and tired of dieting and exercising without seeing the results you hoped for? Do not waste another day feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. Our Gentle Slim™ program will give you the boost you’ve been looking for. Introducing an incredible non-invasive wellness program that targets stubborn fat!

Gentle Slim™’s laser for fat removal offers patients a safe and efficient way to achieve immediate, targeted fat loss. Although regular diet and exercise can help to reduce overall body fat, the Gentle Slim™ program uses lasers to assist in fat removal which is spot specific. No more losing fat in areas we do not want to! Gentle Slim™ uses lasers to assist in targeted fat loss, helping you feel good again. Gentle Slim™ for fat removal uses low level laser technology (LLLT) to trigger the body’s natural process for releasing its stored energy from adipose tissue. Once the fat is released from the fat cells, inches will be lost.

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The human body stores excess calories from your diet in adipose tissue. When needed, those fat cells will break down their stored triglycerides into free fatty acids, glycerol and water, providing the body with energy during times of need. That same metabolic process that is induced hormonally by the brain can also be triggered by the fat removal laser incorporated in the Gentle Slim™ program.

Our team of certified, licensed technicians will work hand in hand with you to educate and guide you along a path of healthy living. The effectiveness of the Gentle Slim™ laser will motivate you to make healthy choices that will enhance your Gentle Slim™ results. The Gentle Slim™ program requires three simple protocols to ensure the best fat removal results. First, we encourage our patients to drink approximately 64 ounces of water daily. Water is very helpful in the natural detoxification process of the body. It is advised to consistently drink plain, pure water during the fat removal process to aid in lymphatic drainage. Another important aspect of our Gentle Slim™ program is healthy eating. Our certified nutrition specialist will help customize healthy, livable guidelines that include liberal food choices. We want every patient to feel good about what they are eating and what they have learned during the Gentle Slim™ process. Lastly, we encourage that our patients add movement to their day. To yield the best results, a brisk twenty minute walk should be performed within two hours of the fat removal treatment. Cardiovascular exercise is ideal. To make it easy for everyone, our Gentle Slim™ clinic offers cardio equipment for your individual use included in your package!

The Gentle Slim™ program is a proven, non-invasive body shaping and cellulite reduction technology. It offers convenient, safe and pain free body contouring in as little as twenty minutes, without surgery and without downtime. This non-destructive approach to fat reduction can be used year-round on all skin types.

Clinical studies have confirmed the safety of the LLLT and the Gentle Slim™ diode laser to deliver body shaping results safely and with zero side effects. Two treatments per week for four weeks are recommended to achieve maximum results. All parts of the body can be treated where fat is stored, including the waistline, love handles, thighs, back fat, upper arms, legs and even under the chin.

Our Gentle Slim™ program uses the first direct skin contact laser that has received FDA approvable. This laser is designed for fat reduction and body contouring specifically! Based on results from a recent double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized study of 34 volunteers, the FDA found that over 70% of participants experienced significant inch loss. With our knowledge and your participation, our Gentle Slim™ program will help you achieve the body you desire. Feel good, look good, and finally be happy!


I really like how my pants fit better, I noticed I was more comfortable. A fairly quick procedure, not painful. A good fix for something I’ve never been able to do solely from diet and excersise.
Melissa (Buffalo)


I eat extremely healthy and workout daily, but no matter what work outs I do, I can never get rid of my stubborn areas. That’s until I went to Gentle Slim™. The treatments worked like a charm! Thanks Gentle Slim™ for helping me lose those stubborn areas and gain back my confidence!
Lis (Buffalo)