Cellulite Reduction

Enhance the look and feel of your skin! Reduce unsightly Cellulite in just four weeks! Introducing the new, extraordinary Gentle Smooth™ treatments for Cellulite Reduction. Gentle Smooth™ incorporates infra-red light with massage and suction to help reduce the look of cellulite. Gentle Smooth™ Cellulite treatments are comfortable, relaxing, and highly effective.

Cellulite is a condition in which the skin appears to have areas of underlying fatty deposits, often resulting in a dimpled, bumpy appearance. Body fat that is simply deposited and stored in common areas such as the buttocks, hips and thighs contributes to Cellulite in these areas. Cellulite is made of pockets of access fat that has worked its way through the bands of connective tissue that attach our skin to our muscles. The strands of connective tissue separate, and the fat pockets poke through, leading to a rippled appearance.

There are multiple grades of Cellulite. Consulting with one of our certified, licensed technicians will help you determine the severity of your Cellulite. There are several theories and explanations for Cellulite. Among these include hormonal factors. Many believe estrogen, insulin, thyroid hormones etc. can produce Cellulite. Genetics can also play a role. Genes can often predispose an individual to particular characteristics associated with Cellulite, such as metabolism, distribution of fat, body type, and circulation. For some, diet and lifestyle can affect Cellulite. Part of the Gentle Slim™ program focuses specifically on a healthy lifestyle that will help you reach your Cellulite Reduction goals.

Gentle Slim™ for Cellulite Reduction utilizes the state of the art Gentle Smooth™ Laser. This effective vacuum massage incorporates an infra-red wavelength which can help with decreased circumferential inch loss and a decrease in Cellulite. Unlike other Cellulite treatments, the vacuum massage is pain-free! This soothing treatment can optimize the removal of fat that has been released by your fat cells as well as enhance the absorption of infra-red wavelengths in the dermis. This process promotes the growth of collagen, dramatically reducing the appearance of Cellulite.

If you are looking for tighter, slimmer, smoother looking skin, Gentle Slim™ treatments for Cellulite will give you just that. Gentle Smooth™ for Cellulite, in combination with the Ultra laser, incorporates laser diodes and a vacuum massage to stimulate lymphatic drainage. TheGentle Smooth laser will improve your blood circulation and ultimately support skin renewal. We recommend a course of eight treatments over four weeks, twice per week. Although results can occur almost immediately, the best results come 8-12 weeks after treatment, which is the length of time the collagen takes to grow.Gentle Smooth is a quick 10-20 minute minute procedure,Gentle Smooth treatments for Cellulite do not require a lot of your time. Team up with our authorized, knowledgeable staff who will help guide you through our Gentle Slim™ program and assist you in obtaining the Cellulite reduction you have been looking for!


Body Contouring

Finally a treatment that can reduce stretch marks and firm skin for a younger, smoother look! Gentle Smooth treatments for Body Smoothing use low levels of visible red laser light to create a painless stimulation of the dermis. This unique treatment rejuvenates the skin through photostimulation, meaning no structure in the skin or surrounding tissue is thermally targeted or damaged.Gentle Smooth treatments are safe, FDA approved, and effective!

The technology utilized to perform Gentle Smooth treatments for Body Smoothing are non-destructive. The Gentle Smooth laser, which is used to assist in smoothing targeted areas, are not dependent on the body’s healing process. This is very different from other devices such as freezing treatments, high frequency ultra-sound or other high powered energy devices that may cause negative side-effects or destroy surrounding tissue. There is zero recovery time required forGentle Smooth treatments. Not only are our Gentle Smooth treatments quick, they are affordable!