Gentle Slim™ & Gentle Smooth™ have helped thousands of people shed their unwanted fat. Below are a few of our great success stories!



I can feel a change in my thighs already. When I run my hand down the sides of them there is much less discomfort than there was prior to the treatments. I’m excited to see the visual results that will appear in the next two weeks.
Kim G. (Buffalo)


“The women in my family have bad legs, It’s hereditary. We have a history of spider veins and I, myself had vein problems. Having already had two surgeries to correct the blood flow in both my legs so it is very important to me to help myself in any way possible to avoid further problems down the road. I feel I will be successful having done your treatments.”


I really like how my pants fit better, I noticed I was more comfortable. A fairly quick procedure, not painful. A good fix for something I’ve never been able to do solely from diet and excersise.
Melissa S.


It was easy to stick to the protocols because of weight watchers and already being active. I noticed the results after 4 treatments and feel more confident in skirts and shorts. I definitely would come back for future procedures.


I eat extremely healthy and workout daily, but no matter what work outs I do, I can never get rid of my stubborn areas. That’s until I went to Buffalo Laser Spa. The treatments worked like a charm! Thanks Buffalo Laser Spa for helping me lose those stubborn areas and gain back my confidence!
Lis (Buffalo)